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San Angelo's
Tree Trimming Experts!

Flynn Tree Service has been a vital member of the San Angelo tree trimming community for 20 years.

Trimming is our niche – knowing exactly how much to remove which ensures the integrity of your trees. This is very important due to water shortage, drought, and hard winters. Removing too much at one time will damage your trees in the long term.

Knowing the biology of a tree is important. However, when it comes to tree trimming, there’s nothing more important than having an artistic eye. Anyone can trim a tree, but we have the eye that makes all the difference every time.

We will consult with you prior, so that you achieve your intentions, and will give you tips to keep your trees healthy long term. My team of climbers are highly skilled with years of experience.. My ground hands are experienced, hard workers, and all are very professional.

We safely remove all trees, regardless of size or location.

Other services include specialty trimming, stump grinding, plant and tree health care, cable bracing, and more.