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Tree Trimming

We emphasize the importance of tree trimming fundamentals. After more than 20 years in business, improper tree trimming is, in my opinion, the number one cause of urban tree disorders. The second is drought, and from there is insect damage as an “after effect” of either mechanical or environmental damage. Obviously the tree species plays a vital role, from the get go. Making the proper choice from the beginning, when purchasing a tree, is very important.

My favorite trees for our area are Live Oaks, and Burr Oaks; then the Cedar Elm/Chinese Pistachio. The Chinese pistachio still suffers from certain abiotic disorders, but grows well here!

All of the trees listed above perform well with certain biotic conditions; as well as abiotic disorders.

Biotic disorders are: living agents in the soil, including certain pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, viruses and nematodes. Abiotic disorders are: noninfectious and include environmental issues such as temperature/moisture extremes. This also includes insect pests, mites, and other animals. Mechanical injuries are mostly related to improper trimming; chemical injuries and mineral deficiencies such as iron and many others.

We recommend trimming your trees every 2 years. It is better for the tree and cheaper for the customer. Concentrating on heavy growth, dead limbs, shaping the canopy and trimming off/away from the house and roof. We will remove any large dead branches, for sure and the rest is up to the customer to decide how much they want to spend on the little dead branches. This can become tedious and more expensive.

We trim all year around so it is important to remember it is not the time of the year that is important, but how much you remove. There are so many trees in this town that have been seriously abused by people who have not been properly trained; or they have no idea of the tree biology. Once this happens it is very hard for them to change. It takes years to develop the ability to trim any tree, regardless of what it looks like and make it look great. You can count on Flynn Tree Service to do it right each and every time.

We take great pride in the care of our local trees and will ensure that your trees are trimmed appropriately for the health and well-being of the tree.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please call Pete Flynn at (325) 374-8896.