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Tree Removal

When every other option has been considered, sometimes there is just no other choice, but to remove a dead or dying tree. At Flynn’s Tree Service, our expertly trained technicians will be at your assistance to determine the severity of the tree’s condition. Once a prognosis has been made, we will recommend a course of action, including removal! Many considerations must be made before the “cutting process” begins. Our technicians will analyze the structure of the tree, including weight and the size of the limbs. We also must take into account it’s proximity to adjacent structures such as power lines, other trees and the accessibility for heavy equipment if necessary. Once a plan of action has been set forth, the technicians will begin and the tree will be removed.

Tree Removal may be required when:

  • The Tree is dead.
  • The Tree has severe decay, sometimes indicated by fruiting bodies.
  • The Tree has critical structural defects such as cracks.
  • The Tree is in decline, with more than 50% dead or dying branches.

At Flynn’s Tree Service, all of the technicians have been skillfully trained to remove several inches below ground level so to avoid leaving an unsightly stump. Once the tree is down, you can also rely on us to haul off all leftover debris, leaving your property clean and safe. Except for the missing tree, you won’t even know we were there!