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Tree Pruning

In order to maintain the health and natural appearance of your trees periodic trimming or pruning is a definite necessity. Other reasons for pruning include removal of dead branches and excess foliage, enhancing vitality, providing an opportunity for air and light penetration and human safety.

As an experienced arborist, Pete Flynn, owner of Flynn Tree Service and his skillfully trained technicians promise to take every precaution when your trees are in their care. We promise to always work with the tree’s natural structure, all the while, providing maximum potential for future growth. During the trimming process Flynn’s Tree Service also pays meticulous attention to details such as sun light requirements, the tree’s shedding patterns, other trees in the area and their location to streets, buildings and sidewalks.

  • Crown Cleaning
  • Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Specialty Pruning
  • Utility Pruning
  • Vista Pruning

At Flynn Tree Service, our goal is to not only make our customer our top priority, but also to ensure a long, healthy, enriching life for your trees. Our dedication to that standard is something we will not compromise in any way!

When you call Flynn Tree Service, you can be reassured your trees will be taken care of by professionals who truly care.

A number of factors must be considered when pruning mature trees. These include the site, time of year, and the species, size, growth habit, vitality, and maturity of the tree. The amount of live tissue that should be removed depends on the tree size, species, and age, as well as the pruning objectives. Let a professional handle all your pruning and trimming needs.

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