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Specialty Trimming

Specialty trimming requires years of training and this person has to be somewhat passionate about their profession. It might be taking a wildly growing, nasty little live oak tree and shaping it, over time, along with proper treatments; slowly developing it into a beautiful tree.

Simply having “the eye” isn’t the only thing you need. You also need to know when to stop!

Specialty trimming is done more than you might think. It also includes the ability to remove tedious little dead limbs or branches. Being able to take any tree canopy and proportionately shaping it nicely. Taking a stressed tree with a lot of little dead throughout the inside crown and removing for the most part all of the dead while preserving as much green as possible. This takes someone who’s efficient with excellent methods and equipment knowledge. Being able to take any canopy and proportionately shaping it.

Flynn Tree Service has the experience and expertise needed to handle specialty tree trimming jobs large or small. We take great care when it comes to tree trimming and specialty tree trimming. We work hard to ensure that the trees we work on in the San Angelo area will look beautiful and are going to be around for years to come.