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Insect & Disease Control

Insects are everywhere and that’s why preventive measures are best. Also, getting in a routine or on a program where your watering consistently. Consistency is key.

Preventive measures taken at the beginning of the years of a trees life will help. By treating with a systemic insecticide through soil injection is better; these are products that will stay in the ground and not leach out. They help reduce the stress of chewing insects, sucking insects and sometimes evasive bore beetles.

The only insect that will directly kill a tree are bores, especially with certain species, and trees that are already sick, or on their way out! Bore beetles are able to hone in to the sounds of cell structure breaking down in trees. Consequently, they can have serious effects on trees already going south. Most insects are attracted to certain tree species and stressed trees. (most bore beetles lay eggs that will hatch, then begin to girdle through the wood, starting in the dead wood).

It is just as important to think prevention. Systemic Merit which is a brand name for Imidacloprid. I recommend a higher concentration such as ADONIS WSP 75%. WSP refers to wet soluble packet. Generally, after a big rain followed by heat and drought will bring out the chewing insects like aphids, web worms and other leaf chewing worms that can be fairly evasive in the adult stages; chewing up the leaf of pecans.

There are several very serious diseases that are rarely a problem, at least here in San Angelo. We have had one isolated case of Oak Wilt. Other places throughout the United States have suffered from devastating diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease. The oak wilt is here or around us, especially towards Austin. There are preventive measures that can be taken for that too!

I recommend contacting a county agent or Texas A&M hot line for informative literature. There is nothing to be alarmed about at all. There are other devastating insects such as the EAB or Emerald Ash Bore and the Wooly Adelgid that have distorted the Ash trees and the Hemlock trees throughout the United States. Thankfully we haven’t seen the evasive EAB in our area!

Again simple preventive measures can be taken to help, starting with selection of tree species. Proper trimming; Proper fertilization and inoculant treatments, and good watering habits. Ideas such as adding mulch as a top layer to keep the moisture in the ground and periodic maintenance of trees from qualified companies like Flynn Tree Service are very important. Also, where you plant and how you prepare the ground for tree root ball is very important.

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