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Tree Bolting Tree Cabling San Angelo Texas

Some urban tree's have very upright branches, resulting in a crotch that grow together. What is referred to as included, wood on wood resulting in a week place.

Often tree branches that grow together like this, along with heavy canopy weight from years of growth can split, especially after or during a storm. When this happens, we can run a bolt through each branch, and bolt them together. If the limb is too big to bolt, cabling is required.

Generally, a come a long is used first to pull the branches together as much as possible. Then the bolt or cable is installed and secured.

Tree Bolting Tree Cabling San Angelo Texas

You can count on Flynn Tree Service to handle all your tree bolting and cabling needs. We will come assess your trees and determine whether bolting or cabling is needed for your tree.

If you have any questions or concerns about your trees, please do not hesitate to call Pete Flynn at (325) 374-8896.

See the below picture for what not to do:

Tree Bolting Tree Cabling San Angelo Texas

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