Stump Removal Specialist

The reminance of a stump left behind can not only be an ugly eyesore, but is also an unwelcome invitation for not so welcome pests such as termites and carpenter ants. Under the care and skillful workmanship of Flynn Tree Service, both issues can easily be avoided by removing and grinding the stump altogether. Using a state of the art, highly compact, grinder made by Kan-du, the stump can be sufficiently ground at a level of thirty inches below soil level allowing a new home for another healthy tree.


stump removal

We can gain access to old tree stumps with a mere 30 inches of clearance - most companies require at least 34 inches of clearance.

Once the stump has been successfully removed, your ending results are number one, no more ugly stump, number two you instantly create a perfect natural mulch for the rest of your flowerbeds, trees and shrubs, but most importantly, you eliminate a potentially disastrous harboring nest for termites and other pests.
Our Qualifications:
  • Owner Operator- Always onsite
  • Stump grinding is our specialty- no job is too big
  • We are also insured for your protection
  • Flexible schedule
  • Fully covering Tom Green County and surrounding areas
  • Backyard accessible- requiring 30 inches of access
  • Complete removal of stumps
  • Chase root systems


Kan-Du Stump Grinder - The only stump grinder small enough to get through a 30 inch opening, but large enough to do any size stump.
To schedule a consultation at your convenience or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (325) 374-8896.


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