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Air Spade top soil flare roots San Angelo Texas

Texas is known for heavy clay soils. This type of soil can easily compact due to our varying weather conditions and is a big problem for your plants and trees. Soil can build up around the base of your trees, covering the flare roots. Buried root flares cause added stress to tree root making them more susceptible to pests and diseases. This can also lead to problems with decay around the base of your trees and can often lead to the death of your tree.

Compact soil is one of the major contributors to Oak decline and poor growth with all hard wood tree species.

Compact soil build up should be removed from the base of your trees or plants and should be done correctly by a professional so that no harm or damage will come to the root system. You can count on Flynn Tree Service to do just that. We use up-to-date modern technology using the Air Spade. Utilizing the power of compressed air, the Air Spade uncovers sensitive tree roots without harm.

The air spade allows us to blow out the old soil without tearing or severing the root system and the feeding/absorption roots that are so vital for proper moisture uptake for the tree. Replacing with good top soil and shredded mulch to help keep the moisture. This is generally done in rows, blown out towards the drip line of the tree and all the way around the tree. This will also help reverse certain stress problems due to a combination of complex adverse cultural and environmental conditions. Most importantly it's a method that doesn't hurt or distrupt the root system of the tree. Compact soil is a serious contributor to drought conditions from water run off which depletes oxygen causing roots to die back and eventually can lead to insect infestation.

Air Spade top soil flare roots San Angelo Texas

You have come to the right place for the health and well being of your trees and tree roots. Flynn Tree Service will come in and treat your property and landscape as if it was our own. When we leave, you will be happy with the work we have performed. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please call Pete Flynn at (325) 374-8896.

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