tree fertilization
At Flynn Tree Service, the health and well being of your trees is our first priority. We are dedicated to using deep root fertilization as the most effective feeding method. This process injects water and fertilizer mixture directly into the feeder roots approximately eight to ten inches below the soil surface.

Our feeding program consists of a Mycorrhiza Injectable with a 7% chealated iron which provides not only eight essential minerals critical in maximizing plant growth, but also helps to control an iron deficiency typically seen here in West Texas as a result of a chlorophyll deficiency.

In combination with the deep root fertilization program, healthy trees, plants and shrubs also require an abundant watering source. With plenty of water you avoid dehydration and other numerous diseases such as Oak Wilt found commonly throughout this geographic region. Oak Wilt is a potentially deadly fungal disease found in Oak Trees. By constricting it's own cambial tissue in a desperate attempt to block the fungus from spreading throughout the entire tree, conclusively the tree ends up killing itself.

Oak Wilt actually has two means of transportation. The first is by root grafts, which kill the fastest as it "hops" from one root to the other. The second is by the infestation of sap beetles, which love the taste of bleeding sap from the oak trees.

Preventive treatment is an option. If applied early, there is a chance of saving the tree in most cases, and further spreading of the disease. In an urban setting, I personally recommend removing the tree and properly disposing of the entire tree.

Oak Wilt At Flynn Tree Service, our technicians are expertly trained to provide the very best care to your outdoor beauties and will make every possible attempt to save their livelihood and integrity.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to call Pete Flynn at (325) 374-8896.


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